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Vastu Shastra is the traditional system of architecture. So, let us discuss about what is this system of architecture (Vastu), its importance and how it influences our lives. 
Vastu Shastra is the science of home-building. It is the science of directions. It can be divided into two words, Vas+Tu, Vas- a place to live and Tu- God. So, the word translates to – ‘a place where God can live’. According to this science of home-building, nature has given every living being on the earth some set of guidelines to build their home. Even now, every animal or bird, or even an ant builds its home based on these guidelines. The set of guidelines were formulated by our ancestors to form the Vastu Shastra. These are the guidelines to be followed to build a home that gives you a happy and prosperous life. 
With the passage of time, people have lost their faith in this science of home-building. Or to put it more frankly, started modifying these guidelines or making their own for their specific needs and requirements. 
Five Elements and Directions 
This science is based on five important elements. These five elements and directions play an important role in Vastu Shastra. The five elements that set the foundation of Vastu Shastra are Earth/Prithvi, Water/Jal, Fire/Agni, Air/Vayu and Sky/Aakash. The entire universe is made up these five elements and these five elements together form nature. Similarly, our body is also made up of these five elements. To be more specific, the skin and bones in our body represents the Earth element, blood in our body represents the water element, the air that we inhale and exhale forms the air element, the food we eat which gets converted to Energy forms the Fire element, and finally the cavities that are present in our body forms the space element. Our body is made of these five elements and in the end, gets converted into these five elements. 
Similarly, the elements that are used to make our Vastu, namely cement, iron ore, bricks, etc. are also made up of these five elements. If there is an imbalance in any of these five elements, there will be side effects. The side effects would be seen as disharmony, financial losses, etc. 
The next important topic about this science is directions (Disha). In Vastu, there are totally 8 directions, 4 main directions(Disha) and four sub-directions(Vidisha). The main directions are North/Uttar, East/Purv, South/Dakshin and West/Paschim. The sub-directions are the directions formed in between any two main directions. 
In Vastu Shastra, any property be it residential or commercial is considered either square or rectangle. The five elements that form the base of Vastu lies within this square or rectangle. If the plan of the plot does not form a square or rectangle, the outer margins are extended to form a proper square or rectangle. The five elements are to be kept in the sub-direction. The sub-directions are meant for a specific purpose, the main directions are meant for multi-purpose. 
A proper plan will take care of these directions and sub-directions, the proper balance of the five elements which will eventually lead to happiness and prosperity of the people living in the Vastu. 
So, why we focus on Vastu Shastra is simply because it has nothing to do with faith or beliefs. As mentioned before, it is a science that has to be followed. It is the science that manipulates the forces of nature to our favour. 
What we are trying to do is to make use of this science of home-building along with the technological aspects of architecture to make sure that our clients will have a prosperous life and live in harmony.