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The site in Tri Nagar is a 4-storey building with stilt car parking facility in a 133 sq. yard plot located near the Kanhaiya Nagar metro station. There are four floors above the parking facility with 11 rooms. The structure is made by increasing the area upper ground from 133 sq. yard plot to 164 sq. yards. 
The building is designed with a modern front elevation that provides a double duplex view both from the outside and the inside. A 6” x 6” pipe is used to give a grand look similar to that of the gates in a king’s mansion. The foundation is made shockproof to fit the requirements. 
The ground floor and the first floor are made duplex with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a kitchen and a drawing-room. The 2nd and 3rd floor are designed with 3 bedrooms. 
The interiors of the building are laid out with Italian marbles. The marble finish used in the design is Lapato finish. A wide variety of Italian marbles are used in laying the floors in different rooms. The different types of marbles used are travertine, statuario, nano white marble, etc. The painting in the interior matches with the marble finish in the room. 
The design of the balcony varies with the floor. Some of the balconies have transparent glass parapet walls while in some rooms we have provided parapet walls with carvings and designs.