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The site at Pitampura is one of those standout architectural designs that we wish to show as a sample to our customers. The site is a 4-storey building with rich architecture. Considering the neighbouring areas and the pervading tone in the surroundings we have made the rooms incredibly spacious on the inside with 3 BHK flats. 
The rooms are marble floored with Italian marbles including nano white marbles, black granite, silver beige, etc. The technique of modern architecture is followed here, the block structures making up the building with the utilization of maximum space. The maximum number of windows are provided in every room in the building to take care of ventilation. They are also provided at the right spots to take care of the owner’s privacy and also the needs like that of fitting a split air conditioner. 
The balconies are fitted outside the bedrooms in every flat. They are made road-facing in all the rooms. You can observe the structures and see that all the security measures are taken care of in the building. The terrace and the balconies are provided with railings of the proper height. 
The designers have kept their creative part to the front side of the building and the gate. You can also see some good designs near or in between any two balconies.