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TimeArch is the place where ideas, inspiration, art, imagination, and dream meets together and make this true. TimeArch is not only an interior design company it also believes that to create a beautiful home with proper architecture, but the necessary things are also color, pattern, texture, light, space, etc. The founder Mr. Vishal Khandoliya started the company from 1st November 2015, and now it is a leading company in the interior design and architectural world.


TimeArch is newly started with the concept called 3D Interior Design, where we always give a fresh idea to our clients. In architecture, 3D animation is a best way to convey the story. This is a new technology where interior design work will become even more simple where you no need to hire a separate interior designer. The client gets benefited by getting from us both. You can also expect from us modern look home design, space planning, etc. 


Creativity measures

We do the customization according to your requirement because we believe in creativity. We are the best in front elevation or entry elevation where you get the straight view. This includes an entry door, windows, front porch, and much more. We also understand your perception and make things done and deliver the best.

Turnkey Solution

TimeArch is expert in turnkey project execution. We will work in a project starting from the end, and we always do the successful completion. You no need to hire a turnkey contractor separately, and we only can handle the complete project.

Vastu Shastra

From decades together, Vastu Shastra considered as a logical and scientific reason behind your happiness and luck. For building house, it is most essential. We believe in work according to Vastu so that home can always be a good sign for you.


We do interior designing for both commercial and residential property. Our teams are also expert in modular kitchen design, wardrobe design, and other designs which help us deliver you the best, and you can also plan your spaces efficiently.